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In my personalized Blog, I discuss a multitude of  topics of interest through my personal experiences.

The progression of Blogs explore the deeper issues, angles, twists and turns of life. It is my hope that these Blogs would enrich the lives of my readers and network.

Thank you God for this Blogging interface

Thank you family and friends for your encouragement and support

Thank you for readers and network for your continued support

As I continue to write more topics of interests, I welcome suggestions and ideas for growth

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Praises II

Welcome to my Blog, “Praises II.” Praises II is the continuation of Blog Post Praises.

I Thank you Lord for preserving our life, good health, joy and happiness.

I Thank you Lord for being simply you…

Psalm 91:1 states that He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest on the shadow of the Almighty. Something more than gold…I have got something more than Gold…..If all i have is Jesus i have something more than gold…You are more than gold Jesus….He has done great things…Great things the Lord has done for me..Greater things the Lord would continue to do…All i have is what you have given me…All I have is what you have given me ..And who i am is what you made me. ..Absolutely nothing without you Jesus….Say again All i have is what you have given me Lord…Absolutely nothing without you Jesus…..You are the air that I Breathe…You have preserved my life…I give you my all Jesus….Everything I have belongs to you lord..I surrender all to you Jesus…You deserve all the praise Lord…You deserve all the honor Lord…Take control of my life…….

I thank you Lord…. I honor you Lord….You are the champion Lord..Generations upon generations will continue serve you…Hands lifted high we sing Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, O what a foretaste of glory divine….This is my story, this is song…Praising my Savior all the day long..

We thank you Oh Lord… We thank you Oh Lord…We just want to thank you Lord ..We just want to thank you Lord..You are great …You do miracles so great…There is no one else like you Lord..No one else like you Lord…my

Thank you all reading my Blog Praises II..Your suggestions and ideas are welcome


Welcome to my Blog, “Praises.” Praises encompasses Gratitude and Honor to God.

I thank you God for simply Being you..

You have refined us Oh Lord through the challenges, struggles and our daily lives

I bow to you Oh Lord. Make me instrument of your word Oh Lord…Your word states that in Psalm 23:Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Mercy Oh Lord….Mercy Oh Lord……We have experienced your goodness Oh Lord..You shine your light Oh Lord on us…And we in turn we shine our light to all in our lives…There shall be showers of Blessings….For this is the promise of God…Showers of Blessings…Showers of Blessings we plead…Bless the Lord Oh my soul..And all that is within me Bless his holy name…..And I continue to praise….The Lord has done great things …..He has done great things….Your goodness looks good on me and i wear your glory

I prophesy your goodness Oh Lord…I declare your Goodness Oh Lord….Your goodness is running after me…God is good all the time…All the time God is good…….Let us praise God….Let us Honor God ….Let us Honor God for who is….We worship you Oh God…We celebrate you Oh Lord….Lord you are our King…

We serve God for who he is….Praise him …Celebrate God through all the seasons of Life

Thank you all for reading my Blog.

Extracts of Poems

Dear Reader,

Welcome to pieces of Xina’s Poems. In this blog, I present extract of Xina’s poems since inception and my personal comments on each of poem


The white fluffy flowers blosoom
Its layers encompass each other
Looking around me, I see nothing but nature
Nature beholds me
The birds fly in a magnitude
I hear its chirping sound
.Extracts from Imagery…Xina 2006

My comments: The ability to experience all these senses is not to be taken for granted. In the moment, when I wrote this poem, I had an appreciation for my sense of sight smell and hearing. I could experience nature, the sun, air I breathe….that is priceless….


Life is like a flower
It grows into bountiful fruits
When there is happiness, it sparkles
Sadness its dies out
When we fall
We get up and try again.
Just as flowers wither and grow
So is our lives.
Life is like a flower
It goes through stages

Extract from Life…Xina 2006

My comments:  At this stage of life, I compared life as a flower.  As I grew older,  I become more matured, I became more aware.  I embraced all the facets of Life. Life had a deeper meaning as seasons, circumstances and times changed. 

Thank you

Oh Lord, I thank you for your unwavering grace and mercy

For the innate peace you have bestowed upon me

Gratitude is what I present to you

Forever and always

Oh Lord I thank you for your infinite blessings

And your wisdom in all my endeavours

Oh Lord , I thank you for tranquillity in the storms

You are my hero…..

Extract from Thank you…Xina 2019

My comments: At this stage of my life, I faced a lot of challenges and storms. And as I prayed, I felt a deeper sense of inner peace.  I was filled with so much gratitude to God

Thank you all for reading my Blogs

Blessings II

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my Blog ,”Blessings II.” Another day full of opportunities and challenges.

I embrace this day with all it has to offer…I don’t know the events of this day but whatever the days throw at me, I intend to handle it with a positive framework of mind.

God is never changing…We serve a God of all generations…The God now ..The God a decade ago is still the same….This morning I thank God for the miracle of life ,abundant grace mercies and all the people he has placed in my life…I commit the nations into his hands…My prayer is that he would continue to Bless the Ghanaian economy , Bless his people, Protect his people and Give his people the strength to overcome challenges especially COVID-19.

I was inspired by Dunsin Oyekan song, “You Remain the Same”. In his song, Dunsin states, You will never ever change, You are the Lord You Remain the same. Government, Systems may change, But I have a father we would never change. My belief, experience have affirmed the promises of God in my life. As I listened to You Remain the Same yesterday, the entirety of Gods promises was further affirmed. I deeply resonated with the all of the words of this song. As we go through this day, let us remember God’s promises

Credits of my Blog Blessings II is given to Dunsin Oyekan.

Thank you All for reading my Blog.


Dear Reader,

Its a Brand New Day.

A New Day with a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

We are in the sixth month of the year.

And we have come this far only by God’s grace and mercy

Let us take time to appreciate God’s Blessings on our lives.

I am Grateful to God for Life. Being able to wake up and to experience God’s glory.

Being able to experience another day..That for me is one of the many miracles from God we experience on a daily basis. Apart from the gift of life, there are countless Blessings God bestows on me each and everyday

My struggles..encounters with people are indeed God’s Blessings in Disguise.Today, I encourage all of you to appreciate God’s Blessings..I will like to wish all men a Happy Fathers Day

Thank you all for reading my Blog

Fun Questions- Xinadiary

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the fun section of the Xinadiary Website. In this section, I would explore a few questions I have had from readers and family

What is my favorite blog? Actually, it is a difficult to pin point my favorite blog. My blogs rate between low favorite and high favorite. My top five Blogs are:Metamorphosis of Boarding School, Smile, Introspection II: Journey to Self-Care, Simply the Best and Positivity and Productivity during Covid-19 pandemic

What is my primary style of writing journals?-I employ the narrative style for writing journals

What is the average length of time for writing a journals?It takes about one to three hours to write a journal

What is/are favorite colors employed on my website? For my website, I employed Executive Blue as my theme color

Thank you for reading my Blog

Simply The Best

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Month of April.

Today is a Brand New day…Brand New Month

We are four months into the year 2021…I am Grateful to God for how far he has brought me and all of you..

I am grateful for life….

I am looking forward to all that April has to offer….

May this new month be marked by Good Health, Joy, Greater Faith , Positivity on all spheres of all life

Ultimately, we all want a Happy Month but we all have to remember that not all roads…not all paths move in the same direction

Our Seasons of Life are not the same….

I simply want the best that God has to offer this month and many more months to come

Simply the Best my Readers

Thank you for reading my Blog

Metamorphosis Of the State of the Economy

Dear Reader,

The state of the local and international economies have been blundered by uncertainty. Uncertainty about the safety, welfare of the masses of the population. The second wave of this COVID-19 has created fear in minds of many people:

As a people, community we aspire for the common good of the society:

We aspire for great healthcare

We aspire for more jobs

We aspire for economic stability

We aspire for a higher social connectivity…

But we find ourselves in the second wave of COVID-19 where there are limitations

Limitations have been placed on movement. Before Covid-19, there was a free flow of

movement between local and international boarders.

This current pandemic has limited this transport of movement creating lower revenue.

The frequency of social visits have declined. Rather, there is a momentarily increase of Zoom, Microsoft teams, audio and phone as a medium of communication.

The Metamorphosis of the state of the economy presents rhetorical questions:

How long would Covid-19 prevail in the society?

Would there another phase of Covid-19?

While these questions hold valid, let us remain positive in light of this current pandemic Covid-19.

The Best is yet to come

Through this uncertainty, it is my hope that there would be a paradigm shift in the state of both local and international economies

Thank you readers for reading my blog.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome

Happy New Year

Welcome Readers to the year 2021.

My message to all readers for the year 2021 follows:

The long awaited year 2021 has finally come. We are thankful to God for life, good health, grace , joy and happiness. The opportunity to experience another year in itself is blessing.

2020 was a year of uncertainty , loss, negative and positive things for many people. The onward surge of COVID-19 in 2020 was overwhelming. In spite of the turbulence of COVID-19 and other events, we embrace the year 2021.

Let us embrace the year 2021. May we strive to create a more meaningful life. Strive to achieve our goals. Be all that God has designed for his greater purpose

Thank you reading my Happy New Message

Season Greetings

Dear Reader,

Welcome all to my page. Let me start by saying Thank you to all readers for reading my blogs and visiting my website.

My utmost appreciation to God, family , friends and all my readers. Please find below personalized Season Greetings message:

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. May this season bring great joy and happiness. Mahatama Gandhi once stated “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Let us go out out there to encourage, inspire and make a difference to all those we may encounter.

Christmas isn’t just about gifts. It encompasses more than the art of gifts. Let us celebrate the birth of Christ. Let us reflect on how far we have come through Christ..Let us express grattitude to God…Let us share what we have with the less priviledged..pray for brothers and sisters.

2020 is almost over…Let us project positive things that will come to pass in the next year. Continue to thank God for his abundant blessings and grace.

Season Greetings to all. Thank you reading my personalized message.